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4 Ways For Accountants To Reduce Stress

accountac stress


As much as we love working in accounting,

it can get on top of us at times. The stress of month-end, difficult clients, unwell staff, lack of marketing direction. These things can compound on us and cause us some stress.

With all these things going on at once, it can be difficult to even know where to begin, what problem to tackle first and how to manage the issues at hand. Here are a few ways in which your accountancy firm can manage stress and being overworked.

1. Prioritise


Although it seems simple, people can often get this one wrong due to external pressures. You can have an urgent deadline coming up for one client, who isn’t chasing you while another client could be calling you non-stop for a deadline which isn’t due for next week. Sometimes we can fall into the trap of appeasing the party who makes the most noise; this isn’t the correct or ethical thing to do. Find out what your issues are, how important each one is in terms of time-bound importance and impact on the business. This will give you a good starting point to know what tasks you should begin with.

2. Make a to-do list


The most clichéd advice on managing time and stress for good reason! Making a to-do list breaks down the tasks you have to do for the day and makes them seem more manageable. You’re also more likely to complete your to-do list if you write it down. Seeing the things you have to do on your desk serves as a constant reminder of your obligations and you’ll be satisfied when you tick off each item on the list.

3. Only focus on one task at a time


When you’re juggling between multiple tasks you’re never really concentrating on any tasks in the way that you should. To produce your best work, fully immerse yourself in a single task until you can no longer take it any further and then move onto the next task. Switching between tasks because you’ve just remembered a small detail of another task you have planned for later will only derail your momentum and lead to a lower quality of work across all your tasks.

4. Go for a walk and take deep breaths


Sometimes we can be so deep in a problem that we aren’t seeing the bigger picture of the task at hand. Going for a walk will get the blood pumping around your body to your brain and will often bring clarity to the problem at hand. This is no coincidence, as more blood will be pumped to your brain and you’ll be sharper mentally.

Also use this time to focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth, this will pump oxygen to your brain which also brings mental clarity. I always find that taking deep breaths puts any problem in context and usually it isn’t as bad as I think it is at first. When you’re fully focused on work and getting a bit stressed, your breathing can be on autopilot and you’re only taking quick short breaths rather than deep long breaths which fill your lungs and brain with the oxygen it needs to operate at an optimal level and will benefit your whole body by reducing your cortisol (stress)  levels.

These techniques are all quick and easy to implement with a huge benefit to your personal organisation, output and mental clarity.


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