About Us

Find out about the Accountac story and how we can help your accountancy business thrive

"Good morning, Britain. Our top story today is how ambitious accountants can grow their businesses and attract their ideal clients."

After more than 6 years of working in finance for big companies in Central London, Connor McCarron decided that it was time to launch his own business: Accountac, focussing on what he loves most, digital entrepreneurship, specifically helping accounting firms reach their true potential online.

While Connor was working in finance, he used his free time to make a host of websites based on his own interests, such as fitness and martial arts – as well as a few e-commerce ventures. This gave Connor the skills to make sophisticated and modern looking websites, which he later wanted to share with accounting firms to ensure that their online presence was an asset to their business and not a liability.

Having worked at big companies with huge sales teams, Connor realised that no matter how good the product is it still needs to be marketed in order to be sold. Many accounting firms have been hesitant to actually sell their services; they often believe their advanced skill-set speaks for itself and the customers will come to them. No matter how good your skill-set, you still need to get in front of your customers and show off the great things you do and make them realise the benefits of your service.

Who Are We

Accountac was founded by qualified accountants who wanted to provide better websites and content to give improved exposure to accounting firms.

Many website designers use templates, they change the logo and colour scheme and there’s your website. Not Here.

We specialise in websites exclusively for accountants and bookkeepers. We know the industry and we know the language. You won’t have to filter your words when speaking to us.


What We Do

Marketing has always been about building awareness of your business to your target audience. We will find out what your ideal client looks like and thinks like and then get your business in front of them.

We will also find out what the issues and aspirations of your accounting firm are and then we will align these with the needs of your ideal client and a website that is built to attract your ideal client while keeping your goals in mind.

By making the most of the online world, you can reach clients all over the globe.

Our Mission

We love accountants. We know all about the struggles of being an accountant and especially the (untrue) stereotypes of accountants being boring.

We think accountants are anything but boring, but it’s time we showed that to the world. We want to create websites which capture what makes your firm unique. Everyone has a story and we want to tell it.

We don’t want to change the people we work with; we want to show off who they already are.

Our 6-D Process


We do our research and find the best way for you to get your business up and running online.


We’ll set out a plan to get your business online, in the most most efficient way possible.


We prioritize beautiful design, so your customers are given the best experience possible.


We develop fast, high functioning online tools to help you make the most of digital tools to build your business.


We get to work right away, so we can complete your project in good time and get your business up an running online as soon as possible.


We offer 1 – 2 – 1 training sessions on all of our products, so you can get the most out of your new online tools.