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How can my accounting firm make time for sales and marketing?

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One common problem accounting firms have is not having the time to focus on their sales or marketing strategy; they are so tied up with their day to day activities and month end deadlines that marketing always seems like a non-urgent issue and is pushed down the ever growing ‘to-do’ list

As accountants, we know that our life is based on 12 monthly cycles where we manage our month end processes at the end of the month and have various scheduled tasks throughout the rest of the month.

We are most definitely creatures of habit and a lot of accounting firms are very much set in their ways about what gets done and when it gets done – this usually isn’t up for debate or questioned.

How does my accounting firm find the time for marketing when we’re always stretched as it is? 


First of all, it needs to become some sort of priority; you need to think how marketing can help you and what problems it can solve for you. 

Not getting any clients?

Not getting enough clients?

Not getting the right clients?

Want to improve your brand reputation?

These things can all be improved through some marketing strategies to get your accounting firm to the place you want to be. Working backwards from your problem will also determine what kind of marketing you want to pursue and how it will solve your problems.

As accountants are such creatures of habits who operate on a militant monthly schedule, we recommend putting some scheduled time into marketing on a consistent basis. Keywords here are scheduled and consistent

If you don’t schedule any time for marketing, you’ll never get around to it.

If you’re not consistent with marketing, there’s not much point in starting as the internet moves so quickly you’ll get left behind quickly. Doing a little bit on a regular basis is much better than spending a whole month on it and then not doing anything else for a year.

Start small but consistent


A good starting point would be to produce one blog post a month for example. 

Say you have three weeks a month where you don’t have month-end to worry about. 

Week 1 you can brainstorm blog topics and select what you’ll write about.

Week 2 you can write the blog post.

Week 3 you can edit the blog post and add pictures and formatting to the article and hit publish.

When broken down into these smaller tasks it suddenly becomes much more manageable.

Eventually you may want to up the frequency, and increase your online presence but this is a good place to start. It also gives accounts a bit of a creative outlet which gives them a break from all the numbers based work, while still putting all their expert knowledge to good use.

Get everyone involved


Most accounting firms don’t have a marketing on sales team and the responsibility is usually done by a few people in the organisation as a part time job. Getting everyone to be involved is a good way to share responsibility and also to break down the work into smaller and more manageable chunks.

For example, you could have three different people doing each of the tasks in the 3 weeks of the month that aren’t dedicated to month-end, meaning 3 people will only spend around 1-2 hours a month on marketing each. A small investment per person for a big return without feeling like too much of a burden or distraction for employees.

If you really are stretched and your accounting firm isn’t where you want it to be, then you can outsource your marketing to us at Accountac. Book a FREE consultation call with us to find out how we can improve your online presence to help your accounting firm reach its true potential.

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