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Are accountants afraid to sell?

accountant selling

A common issue among accountants is that they are not too keen on actually selling their services.

A common approach is that accountants will become qualified, set up a firm and…that’s it. 

“I’ve got a great service I can provide, people who need me will find me.”

This is the type of approach which will see your accountancy firm erased off the face of the earth within 6 months. Maybe not literally, but you get the idea.

But I don’t like being sold to myself, so I don’t want to push onto others?


This is a valid consideration, but you need to change your mentality towards what you are selling. 

If one of those nasty, horrible, lying salespeople came up to you and said “we can double your business revenue in 6 months and you’ll get your money back if we don’t.” You’d think that was a good deal and you’ll be glad that he sold that to you.

Now think of your accountancy firm. Reframe your business as doing a favour for your clients (which you’re getting paid for!) and the most unethical thing to do could be to not sell to your clients because the service you provide is so valuable to businesses.

YES, your service is so valuable that not selling is the most unethical thing you could do.

Imagine a local restaurant owner called Paolo was on the verge of going under, he spent all day stressing over how they’re going to survive, what they can do to keep afloat, how he’s going to tell his staff that they’ll be out of work. Paolo is a chef by trade, not a businessman and he needs some business advice to assess his options and figure out his next move. Paolo didn’t know that your accountancy firm offers business advice and the benefits that advice will give him. Instead, he took his own untrained advice which led to the restaurant’s unfortunate demise. Now that unethical.

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable selling at first


Don’t worry, you’ll get more accustomed to it as long as you remind yourself that you’re giving people a fantastic service and that selling is merely making people and businesses aware of the ways your accounting services can bless their lives. This is what we define selling as.

Okay. I’m convinced that selling my accountancy services is a blessing to my community, but how do I actually sell?


You can only sell to people who are somewhat interested in what you offer and actually need your services. You won’t be selling accountancy services to an under 12s football team (unless they’ve recently been bought out by a Middle-Eastern Oligarch). 

The first step is selling to the right people. Who are your ideal clients? Get your service in front of them and show how you can help them. This is the first step to attract interested potential clients.

The next step is personally engaging with your clients, usually through free consultation calls (like the one we’ll remind you of at the end of this article!). We see sales as fixing a problem your client has, so you first need to understand their problems. Ask questions. Get to know their fears, issues and ambitions and see how you can alleviate their fears, solve their issues and fulfil their ambitions.

Too often people want to sell by mindlessly going through all the great things their firm does. This is a big but common mistake which is easily avoided. Ultimately, people aren’t interested in what your firm does, they’re interested in what your firm can do for them. Most of your consultation calls should be spent listening and working out how your accounting services can fix their problems. Make your service personal to their problems. 

This is ethical and effective selling.

As long as you’re honest and your services are good, then selling is good. You shouldn’t employ underhand sales tactics to make sales as your reputation is extremely important to uphold. Think of how you can help and the rest will fall into place.

If you would like help with selling, lead generation through social media, websites and blogs then book a FREE consultation call with us at Accountac and we’ll find ways to get your accountancy firm in front of the right people to make the right sales.

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