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Is your accounting business attracting your ideal clients?


While being selective in your clients is a much better problem to have than not having any clients at all, it is still a hugely important part of your business anda bad client can really drain your company’s energy and resources to a point where it may not have been worth taking them on in the first place.

Who are your ideal accounting clients?


Do you want to provide accountancy services for creative businesses? Family owned businesses? Restaurants? Sole traders? There are an endless amount of potential clients in need of your accounting services, but if you don’t choose a select target audience you could be in danger of appealing to no-one when you think you’re appealing to everyone.

Think about who your ideal clients are; what problems are they facing, what their ambitions are, what their competitors are doing, how they like their steaks (the most important part of the vetting process!). 

Once you can define who your ideal clients are, you can then cater to that group of people relentlessly.

How do we attract our ideal clients?


So now you know who your ideal clients are, their aspirations, what keeps them up at night and how many sugars they put in their tea.

Now you need to get in front of them. Where do they hangout physically and online (although the latter is more useful to know). If they are a creative business, you’ll be likely to find them on Instagram. If it’s an information business, you’ll be more likely to find them on longer-form text-based platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

When you know where your clients hang out, use that platform as a way of engaging with your potential clients. Make them aware of your business and what you can do for them.

People and businesses just want to be understood.

From your research into your ideal client you should know a lot about your ideal client and that information is key in the content you put in front of them. You want people to relate to your content and for it to resonate with them. 

What type of content should we produce?


This depends on where they hangout online and what platforms they use. A younger target audience may be more likely to watch short videos giving them quick tips, while an publishing company would be more likely to read a blog post. 

Whatever content you produce you should be consistent with it both in terms of how often you produce content and that the branding is always consistent with your business which is a great way to breed familiarity with your clients.

When producing content, don’t think that the sole purpose is to sell your services (although you definitely should mention how you can help them, as we will do at the end of this post!), the main purpose is to add value to your clients whether they become a client or not. Eventually more people will consume your content, be aware of your business and new clients will come in time.

Investing time into attracting your ideal clients is a great way to increase the fulfilment you get from your business and can make for a much more enjoyable working life.

If you want help in defining who your ideal clients are, where they hangout and what the best way to get in front of them is, book a FREE consultation call with us and we can help you attract your ideal client through improving your website and social media content to get your ideal clients onboard.

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