Case Studies

An in depth view ow we’ve helped our clients improve their online presence

Alfred A Malnick & Co – Case Study

We were extremely excited to begin working with Alfred A Malnick & Co, they have a very strong family brand  and they have built up a huge set of positive testimonials from being in business for over 50 years.

We thought that Alfred A Malnick & Co was hugely underutilising the web side of it’s marketing and was leaving many potential clients on the table with their previous website, which was a disservice to the brand that they had built up for over half a century. We wanted to build a website which did the company justice.

Alfred A Malnick & Co before Accountac
Alfred A Malnick & Co’s website before the update

We spoke with Benazir, the practice manager, and found out what the goals for Alfred A Malnick & Co were in the coming years, which were largely based around growing the firm in terms of clients and subsequently more staff while still retaining the family values which the business has been based on. The pandemic put their initial growth plans on hold but they were ready to begin boosting the online side of their business.

Alfred A Malnick & Co new website
Alfred A Malnick & Co’s updated website

When designing the website, we wanted to make sure that the core values of family, community and strong personalised relationships were emphasised throughout the website in terms of the design, the imagery and the copywriting – which we feel all has to flow together to make the website work effectively.

We wanted a sleek design which was also simple and didn’t distract from the message from the website. Too often that websites are made for the business who needs a website which can be done out of vanity – so it was important that the website was actually made for the potential clients who are viewing the website and how Alfred A Malnick & Co’s services can help the potential clients. This meant we had to speak in plain English rather than Accountinglish!

Alfred A Malnick & Co why we're trusted

On top of the website looking professional and being geared toward Alfred A Malnick & Co’s ideal clients, the website also had to be effective. We wanted the visitors to take action by filling out a form which will go straight to the Alfred A Malnick & Co emails. To achieve this we included ‘calls to action’ throughout the website to remind visitors what they need to do if they want to work with Alfred A Malnick & Co. Every stage of the website experience was made with the intention of ‘funneling’ visitors to the contact page to make a visually pleasing website become an effective website.

Alfred A Malnick & Co Contact

We added an About Us section to the website to give some personality and a face behind the brand; many accounting websites are bland and lack personality, so we wanted to highlight the unique personality Alfred A Malnick & Co. has both in terms of the history of the company and the people who run it. With our declining attention spans and shorter-form communication methods, we didn’t want to have mass amounts of text on the website and instead we wanted short and succinct text which got the message across clearly in a way that potential clients can understand without losing their attention.

Alfred A Malnick & Co About Us

Upon completion, Benazir and Alfred A Malnick & Co were really pleased with the final result and this is what she had to say about working with Accountac:

We recently embarked on a re-vamp of our company website and enlisted the services of Connor’s business, Accountac in order to do this.

Connor was incredibly patient throughout the process, taking the time to sit down with us virtually to learn about the business and its culture, as well as to understand what we wanted to gain from the new website.

He was swift in responding to all correspondence and worked incredibly quickly, making adjustments as required along the way.

We really enjoyed Connor’s collaborative and communicative way of working and would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.

It was great to work with Benazir and Alfred A Malnick & Co and we wish them all the best for the future.

Benazir actually invited me to her networking group at BNI Clapham and I have subsequently become a member so we will be staying in touch!

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