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Why consistency is key for your accountancy website

accountac consistency

Keeping your accountancy website ‘on brand’ is extremely important. Being on brand doesn’t just mean using your logo at the top of every page; it means having a consistent theme and presence throughout all of your content both on and off your website.



This is an obvious one. Having your homepage red and the contact page blue would look very unprofessional and inconsistent. Having a constant colour theme is the bare minimum of any good website. However, you need more than one colour on a website otherwise it will look boring, but not too many so that it distracts the user from the message you want to get across.

We recommend having around three colours as the brand colours for your accounting website, as well as using black and white when needed. If you’re unsure of what colours to use for your brand, look at or for some inspiration and adapt accordingly. Colours are a great way to build your brand image and associate those colours with your brand, building familiarity in the process.



Inconsistent text means keeping fonts, font sizes, font colours and spacing consistent throughout. Having a main font, like brand colours is another great way to build your brand image and instill some familiarity with visitors.

Stick to around two different fonts for your website, one for headings and one for longer text. Having multiple fonts can again be distracting for users in the same way having multiple colours on a website can be distracting. In most cases, a simple colour scheme and font pattern is much more engaging and effective than a rainbow website with an array of different fonts. Less is more!

However, it’s not only the way the text looks but also what text is written. You should look to build a brand voice. This is the way you express ideas about your company and should be relevant to who you are and the type of clients you want to work with. If your ideal clients are musicians who need accounting services, an extremely formal brand voice may put musicians off your accountancy firm. While extremely formal language may be perfect for attracting lawyers in need of accounting services.

Define your accountancy firm and your ideal clients and may a brand voice which matches who you are and what your intentions are.



Images should follow a similar theme throughout the website. You may have corporate imagery of people in suits in meetings and that’s fine if it attracts your target audience, but whatever type of imagery you choose, make sure you stick to it. Images of executive meetings on the About page followed by outdoor landscapes on the Services page sends a confusing message to visitors and will make them less likely to trust your business.

Similarly, all images should be high quality. Using stock images isn’t bad if the images are consistent and can be better than trying to take pictures yourself on your phone. While mobile photography has vastly improved over the years, they often don’t translate well on full-sized websites. The ideal scenario is to have personalised images of your business and local area done by a professional photographer, but high quality stock photography is a good alternative.


Once you define your company’s brand and voice, deciding on your website’s colours,  text and images becomes much easier. We always recommend defining your business and where you want to be before working on the branding side of things. Once you have a goal in mind and an idea of the clients you want to work with, everything else becomes much easier and flows more organically.

If you would like your website to become more effective and generate more leads, book a FREE consultation call with us and we can discuss what options are available to you to make your website attract your ideal clients.

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