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How do you define your accounting firm?

define accounting firm

It all begins with one of life’s great questions: who am I?

A difficult question to answer at the best of times, but it can be even harder to answer in a business sense.

Keep it succinct and interesting


Imagine you’ve been cornered at a party (yes, accountants DO get invited to parties) by someone who’s a few beers deep and they ask what you do. Your answer should be both succinct and, more importantly, not boring. This translates beyond party settings to business settings as well.

When asking accountancy firms who they are, we have often heard answers like “We’re an accounting firm and we…do accounting for people…who need accountants.” Not the most inspiring answer you’ll ever hear on the topic!

The answer above got the succinct part correct but the succinctness was undone by being as boring as humanly imaginable.

To find out who you are you need to know what you want


To decide how to define yourself, you first need to define what you want. What are your business and personal goals? What are your strengths? Weaknesses? What work do you enjoy doing? What do you want to do less of? Who do you enjoy working with?

Establish these points about your accountancy firm and you can define your business in a way which will help you reach these goals.

How should I describe my accounting firm?


Say you provide accounting services in the sporting goods industry and you get asked the dreaded first date question: “so, um, what do you do?”

But you’re no longer anxious about saying you’re an accountant because you’ve already thought of an answer that can satisfy a lager-infused gentleman. This shouldn’t be a problem.

You give the following answer:

“We provide financial advice and services to businesses in the sporting goods industry to ensure that people can have a great time playing the sports that they love.”

Why is this a good answer?

Because it focuses on the outcome not the process. The outcome creates a vivid picture in people’s heads and they can imagine the benefit of the work you do for the world. Kids playing football in a park? People achieving their weightloss goals? Troubled youths taking up boxing? These are the things you have indirectly helped to achieve and to say anything less would be selling yourself short.

Think Bigger


Look at the bigger picture. Create an engaging story people can relate to and show what the outcome is rather than the process of how you got there. This is how you grab people’s imagination. It also means that potential clients can visualise what you can do for them.

Telling a potential client “we do accounting services in the sporting goods industry” isn’t going to get them excited, but saying how glad you are to help the next generation of kids learn the benefits of exercise is much more powerful because they can imagine the kids playing in the park on a hot summer afternoon.

People relate to stories so it’s essential to create these narratives for your business and people will resonate with them. 

Find people who align with your vision


Once you have defined who you are and what you want, as well as finding an engaging and captivating angle which you can use to show off what your accountancy firm does, you can use this to attract your ideal clients

You have defined your business and now you must find people who align with your business values who will be interested in the accountancy services you can provide to improve their business. 

The process of getting clients is never easy, but if you actually know yourself and know exactly who your ideal clients are, it’s much easier than just appealing to anybody who will listen.

If you would like help defining your accountancy firm and finding your ideal clients, book a FREE consultation call with us at Accountac and we’ll help you define who you are and how to get your ideal clients.


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