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DISqualifying clients for your accountancy firm

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As accountants, we’ve all dealt with difficult clients who don’t value the great service we give to society.

“What do you mean I’ve got to pay tax? I thought I was paying you to not pay tax.”

“I need my year end reports completed…they’re due in the next 45 minutes.”

“Why do I have to pay you money to look after my money?”

While these kinds of clients can be frustrating, it’s usually from a lack of financial knowledge rather than any malice on their part.

At Accountac, we often speak about the importance of defining your ideal client and adapting your business to tailor to a specific type of customer. This is a great way to attract the clients you want and ensure that your working life is spent working with the people you want to work with.

However, we can go one step further.

Instead of just qualifying our potential clients, we can also DISqualify our potential clients. While you can tailor your website and business to attract your ideal clients, some people may not get the right idea and you may need to dis-qualify them.

A good way to do this is to have potential clients fill out a form so you can get to know a bit more about them.

But what if they don’t want to fill out a form?

Then they have already disqualified themselves! If they can’t be bothered to fill out a simple form, it’s unlikely that they would have been your ideal client in the first place.

Do you only want to work with large businesses?

Have a section on the form asking how many employees they have and what their annual turnover is. If they only have 2 employees, they probably won’t be a fit for your accountancy firm.

Do you provide high-end accountancy services?

Ask what the client is looking for in an accountant. Have options for high-quality and low-cost and those who are looking for a cheaper option are unlikely to be a fit for your business.

Aren’t these questions a bit too personal?

Absolutely not! People and businesses are more interested in personalised services than ever before and to be able to provide those bespoke services, you’ll need to get detailed information on the clients you’ll be working with. However, you should ensure and inform your potential clients that all information gathered will be securely handled.

To know who your ideal clients are and who your ideal clients aren’t you first need to know yourself and establish what kind of tasks and people you enjoy working with. Define yourself first and then it becomes much easier to know what people you do and don’t want to work with.

Won’t I miss out on business if I’m too specific?

You won’t! When you try to appeal to everybody, you end up appealing to nobody. Have a specific target audience and cater to their needs and they will resonate with your business much more than another accounting firm who takes on any old client.

Take a meal prep company for example. They make healthy meals that you just have to heat up and they are targeting anyone who wants their meals prepped. But another company could sell the exact same meals and target weight lifters as their specific audience and they will have a much more loyal clientele as their brand will resonate to the identity and personality of their client base.

You’ll miss out on  more business by not being specific with your target market.

If you would like help in defining your accountancy firm, your ideal clients and how to attract your ideal client. Set up a FREE consultation call with us at Accountac and we’ll bring your accountancy firm closer to your goals.

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