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How to have effective copywriting for your accountancy website

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Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of any accountancy website and is often an area which is overlooked when making a website.

At Accountac, we believe that an effective website is a website which has a goal and a purpose in place. For accountants, the end goal will usually be to book a meeting or a phone call to discuss the needs of the client in more detail to show how your accounting firm can help them.

The copywriting, also known as copy, is the words that direct your website visitors to the end goal of your website. Most businesses who make their own websites don’t realise the power of words and don’t think too much about their copywriting and it ends up being dull and boring. 

Businesses will often simply state what they do and think that’s all the copy they need. While truly effective copywriting shows HOW you can help the customer and that you UNDERSTAND their problems. This is how people will resonate with your business and trust your accountancy services.

Copywriting should engage and inform; most people are good with the inform part but struggle with the engaging part of copywriting. It should also convey the personality of your business to make sure you’re attracting your ideal customers.

Here are two examples of copywriting for an accountancy firm below, which do you think is more engaging for a business in need of an accountant:

“Accounting services in London. Friendly qualified accountants who will look after your business’ tax and accounts.”

“Accountancy made simple

Let us worry about the numbers while you focus on what really matters to your business.”

If you answered the second option, you have been paying attention!

But really, you would have known the bottom copy was more effective without reading this article. The second copy has an attention grabbing headline and the follow up fixes an issue a lot of business owners have. Many business owners are not ‘numbers people’ and offloading the whole accountancy part of their business to someone else sounds more appealing to them than the first copy who simply informs what they do.

So you’re friendly? Well done for meeting any business owner’s first minimum requirement. You’re also qualified? Well I’d hope you were! The first copy is really stating the obvious and is only showing what they do rather than how they can help the customer.

We instinctively know what is engaging to us, but it’s more difficult to recreate that for our own business. It takes trial and error but it’s very much worth investing time into as it’s something that makes a big impression on your website visitors and will be read many times.

If you write a poor blog post for example, it isn’t the end of the world as it will soon go down the list of blog posts you’ve written and go to the back of the pile. But bad copywriting on your main website will always be on show so it’s crucial to get it as good as possible to make the best impression on your website visitors.

When creating a website and writing copy, most business owners are self indulgent and think me, Me, ME. This is my website, about My company, showing of MY skills. It’s an easy trap to fall into, but the most effective websites are built from the perspective of the ideal client.

What language would resonate with them?

What would they find engaging?

What would catch their attention?

Always have your client in mind, show off how you can help your clients and what value you’ll be able to add their lives and your copywriting process will be much easier and much more effective.

If you would like help improving the copywriting on your website or to improve your website entirely, book a FREE consultation call with us at Accountac and we’ll work towards getting your ideal clients for your accountancy firm through an engaging and effective website.

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