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4 way to improve work-life balance for your accounting practice

accounting work life balance

Month-end. We’ve all been there. The most stressful time of the month for accountants by a long way where early mornings and late nights are common. All social commitments are put on hold and all holidays have to be booked in the other 3 weeks of the month.

While this week of the month may be tough, your social life doesn’t have to be a thing of the past for your accountancy firm.



As a skilled accountant, your time is valuable and should rarely be spent on tasks which aren’t making the most of your knowledge for your clients. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be in control of every little thing your accounting firm does, but your time could be used more efficiently if you outsourced tasks you don’t have the same expertise in to those that are experts.

This could mean that you take on more clients as you’ll free up some time and you’ll only be focusing on your skilled area while other tasks will also be done more efficiently. Or you could use the free time to catch up with family and friends and restore some work life balance!

Flexible hours


While month-end may consist of 12-hour work days, that doesn’t mean you have to work the standard 8 hours for the other 3 weeks of the month. There could be some flexibility to reward employees for the hard work done during the month-end by reducing the hours for the rest of the month. This will improve everyone’s work-life balance, will give employees something to look forward to during the month end stress and will increase team morale.

It doesn’t have to be checking in at 11am and checking out at 1pm for the three weeks outside of month end, but a half day on Fridays for example could be a big boost to team motivation and morale.



During busy times at work, it’s difficult to come home and have the motivation to go to the gym or go for a run, but it’s one of life’s strange paradoxes whereby expending energy on exercise will also boost your energy levels to do other activities. The release of endorphins in your body and getting rid of built up tension from work will benefit you greatly and give you more energy to pursue your hobbies outside of working hours, rather than crashing out on the sofa as soon as you walk through the door.

Some exercise on a lunch break is a good way to make sure the work day doesn’t get on top of you.

Work when you work and play when you play


With work phones and laptops it can often feel like your work is with you 24/7, but you should make a conscious effort to finish with work for the day when you log off and have a clear differentiation between work time and personal time. This will also allow you to be more productive at work, as you’ll only be focusing on work and you’ll enjoy your personal time as you’ll be more present in the moment and won’t have stress from work in the back of your mind.

It can be quite difficult to make the mental shift to be present in the moment at work and in your leisure time, meditation and yoga is something that promotes being present in the moment and I have found it useful in differentiating between work and play.


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