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4 Ways To Make Your Accounting Website More Effective

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You may have a fancy looking website for you accountancy firm with lots of cool effects but these effects and sleek touches mean nothing if you don’t get the basics of your website right. Here are a few things you NEED to include in your accountancy website:


What makes you accountancy firms special? How do you stand out from other accountants?


So many accountancy firms will say they’re ‘friendly & reliable’ when, in reality, that is the minimum requirement for any business! You should look for ways in which you stand out from the crowd; are you a family run business? Emphasise that. Do you specialise in accounting for the entertainment industry? Shout it from the rooftops. The more you separate yourself from the generic, the more people will resonate with you and trust your business.


Headshots and a brief biography for each employee


When you work with someone, you want to know who you’re working with, if they’re qualified to do the job and if you feel like you’ll get on well with them. This is why a headshot and a brief biography goes a long way into instilling trust into your potential clients. 

You go from a faceless accountant hiding behind words and numbers to an actual human being with a personality. Try to make sure you’re smiling in the head shots as well to be as inviting and welcoming as possible!


Your accounting firm’s location


Always have where your business is based on your website. Because of the internet, many accounting firms can now do work for clients all over the country or even the world and they don’t want to limit themselves to only their current location, which is a reasonable thought process. 

But you have to think how will all of these businesses from all over the world find you? When people are searching for an accountant from scratch they will often do a Google search for ‘Accountants in [their area]’ and if you don’t state where you’re based you won’t come up on the results. Most accounting clients from far away tend to come from referrals so the website should be catered to those most likely to find it. 

Although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t state that you work for clients further afield – you definitely should! Just make sure you don’t exclude your potential local clients in the process.




Lots of accounting firms have been in business for years and years but don’t have a single testimonial – simply because they have never asked for one. Ask some of your long term clients for testimonials and they will be glad to do it for you. 

Tip: it’s good to have your testimonials done via your Google My Business page so people can see them on Google and then copy those testimonials to your website. That way you give your testimonials as much exposure as possible. 

Testimonials are so important in this day and age; think about when you buy something online, you’ll always look to the reviews to see what other people think and then make an informed decision based on that information. It’s the same with your accounting firm, if people can see that you’ve helped other people – and they can hear it from those people – it gives your accounting website massive social proof.

Tip 2: Make sure you add the name of the person who gave the testimonial and the company they work for. If possible, a picture is a great addition to the testimonial as well!


If you would like help improving the copywriting on your website or to improve your website entirely, book a FREE consultation call with us at Accountac and we’ll work towards getting your ideal clients for your accountancy firm through an engaging and effective website.

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