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What is the effect on having an outdated website on your accounting firm?

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You can go into a coffee shop in Shoreditch with your coffee served in a plant pot, furniture from a 1950’s horror movie, ‘minimalist’ decor and you pay £4.50 for the privilege because it’s ‘vintage.’

This is a good business idea and we’re not knocking it, but these vintage ideals which made the Shoreditch coffee shop so successful will be the demise of your online shop – your accounting website.

While there’s been an increased popularity in vintage over the past few years, this has not translated to websites. When people see a website which is ‘vintage,’ viewers think that it’s outdated and are less likely to trust that website. 

The world has now moved to a place where the online presence of both individuals and businesses are what they are judged on. Recruiters and employers will scour your LinkedIn profile, a girl you meet will analyse your Instagram account and potential customers will judge your website.

With Coronavirus having pushed many businesses to rely on their online presence after their physical shops have closed, a strong online image has become more important than ever. Coronavirus has moved us even further into online reliance so the trend is likely to stay under the all too familiar new normal.

The websites people use the most are usually from big companies: Google, YouTube, Facebook, BBC News. Whether you like it or not, your website, in terms of how it looks and feels, will be judged against these big websites who spend a lot of resources in keeping their websites up to date and fully functional. Of course, you don’t have to spend what Facebook does on their website, but your online presence is definitely something that you should invest some time into.

What are the dangers of an outdated website for my accounting firm?

The biggest one is that an outdated website can make your business seem untrustworthy.

People see a website that looks like it’s from the 90’s and will not want to use their services. Although it’s not fair, visitors to your website will have been on websites like Google and Facebook which are up to date and modern, which will make your website look bad by comparison.

Visitors may think that you’re no longer in business.


 This is the worst case scenario. The website looks so old they think you’ve called it a day and are no longer running. This never crosses anyone’s mind when the website is up to date and modern, so you may be losing potential clients from making people think you’re no longer providing accounting services anymore.

Your website has no purpose


Having a website for the sake of having a website is better than not having a website at all, but it’s better to have a website with a purpose. This is something we decide early when making a website – what do we want the visitor to do? For accounting firms, that something is usually to fill out a contact form or to schedule a consultation call.

Now we know what the purpose of the website is, we can get visitors to go to that contact page by adding lots of ‘calls-to-action’ on the website. As the name suggests, this gets the visitor to act by telling them and constantly reminding them what the next steps they need to take are. Otherwise, people may come across your website, be interested in your services, but not know what to do next and you’ll lose a potential client.

Your website isn’t unique to you.


All of the websites we make at Accountac are personal to each client because we believe that the strength of each accounting firm is what makes them unique and we want to show that off. Having a website which could be made for any accounting firm means you lose what makes your business unique and you just blend in with the crowd – which is not what you want. Add some personality to your website and tell your story.

Your website isn’t secure


Next to the URL bar at the top of your browser there should be a padlock – this shows that the website is secure for the visitor. When a website isn’t secure it will say ‘not secure’ where the padlock is. This means that the transmitted data can be viewed or tampered with. Would you really trust a website that isn’t secure? We make sure all of our websites at Accountac are secured as standard.

All of these issues eventually result in less clients for your accounting firm. The impact of a good website for your business is huge and it’s only going to get more important for customers when looking for accountants.


If you would like help in making a unique website for your accounting firm which shows off your company’s personality and attracts your ideal clients, book a FREE consultation call with us at Accountac and we’ll help you build a client-magnet website.

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