Are you paying more tax
than you'd like to?

By The Book's Accountancy Framework has helped over 200 businesses reduce their tax costs saving them £1000's

Through years of specialised accounting experience, By The Book's Accountancy Framework uses accounting secrets that the average business owner is unaware of to help businesses maximise their earnings by keeping more of their hard earned revenue within the business.

Tax is your business' biggest expense, yet it is also the most overlooked...

While most businesses are trying to count the pennies and reduce their costs, the smart businesses are reducing their tax instead while still living the same lavish lifestyle.

These savings are not just limited to the mega rich, you can make the most of these savings as well.

But ONLY if you know how to:

But why should you listen to me?

I'm a business owner just like you.

I make investments in stock, crypto & property just like you.

I know how frustrating it can be to lose your hard earned revenue to the taxman.

I was frustrated with a large percentage of my money going down the drain every month so I researched and studied tirelessly to find way to reduce my tax bill.

After countless hours of studying, I began to question if it was possible to make significant changes to your tax bill...

(In a legal way)

But I persevered and I started to unravel the financial secrets of the so called elites who manage to minimise their tax bills.

I hadn't earned any more revenue than before, but I was keeping more money...

It almost seemed too good to be true.

Surely I'd broken the law somewhere along the way...

I kept thinking that I was going to get a knock on the door and get dawn raided for tax evasion.

But that day never came.

I did my due diligence and made sure everything I was doing was completely legal.

I knew once I'd gotten to the point where I could significantly reduce my own tax, I could pass that knowledge on to my clients and make all the hard work they put into their business go a bit further.

Why the accounting industry isn't looking after you or your business

Many accountants I'd worked with in the past just did the standard accountancy work but didn't add any value to their clients...

All of their clients were just another line on an excel spreadsheet to them.

They weren't doing the due diligence to find out the way to reduce their tax bill...

This comes down to two reasons:
1) They don't know how to reduce the tax bill
2) They know how but don't want to do investigate because they know the average business owner won't have the knowledge to realise

Either way, the outcome does not have the client's best interest at heart.

I still find it insane how much money my clients' previous accountants were just leaving on the table.

95% of the clients who come my way have scope to reduce their tax.

These techniques to reduce the tax bill of my clients led to real life wins for real people who run real businesses. Such as:

-Being able to hire a new employee
-Being able to rent a new office space
-Being able to take their family on an extra holiday each year
-Being able to take more financial risks

Did they have to work harder to achieve these things?

Did they have to spend less time with their families to achieve these things?

Absolutely NOT!

All they did was maximise the revenue that they were already generating through evaluating their tax in a more effective way.

How By The Book's Accountancy Framework can help you