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Should I start a blog for my accountancy firm?

accountant blog

Starting a blog for your accountancy firm can be a really positive step for your business and can benefit your online presence in so many ways:

-Your website will get more engagement

-You add your personality and insight to your business

-People get a taste of some of the value you can offer them

-You can show off your knowledge to prove you know your stuff

-It will push you up the rankings on Google

But before starting a blog, think “what is the main purpose of starting a blog?”

To get people to read it!

Who are your ideal clients? Are they likely to read blogs at all? Will they be interested in your blog?


If you do accountancy work for literary agencies, then the chances are quite high. But if you mainly do accountancy work for local construction firms, it’s unlikely that they will read your blog.

That’s not to say there wouldn’t be any benefits of writing blogs if your ideal clients are local construction firms, but your energy may be better used on other platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

However, let’s say that your ideal client is likely to read your blog posts (great news!). Where do you start?

A simple way to look at it is how can I help?

What problems do your clients face that YOU can help them with? Finding what their key issues are and adding some value to their lives which go some way towards mitigating that problem is a great way to begin blogging.

You can show off your knowledge and people can see that you know your stuff as well as seeing your potential to help them.

But if I’m giving away all of my secrets on my blog, won’t people stop paying for my services?


Absolutely not! We think there’s a higher chance people will pay for your services because you’ve demonstrated the skills you have to do the job more effectively than they could.

Let’s imagine it’s a scorching hot summer afternoon, you’re in the garden with a cold drink in hand and your tan is slowly forgetting about all of the months spent indoors. You think to yourself that this is perfect…well, almost perfect. What could make this day better?

A swimming pool. Not a paddling pool you can get from Argos for £12.99. A real pool. We can get the materials and build it ourselves – make it a project – you think.

You go online and your optimism for the project quickly begins to fade. Setting up a filter? Drilling holes? Should an accountant really be trusted with an Allen Key?

You come across a blog post on building your own garden pool that shows just how much work is required which, incidentally, is much more than you thought. There’s a detailed step by step process with no stone left unturned.

“This guy really knows what he’s talking about and I could never build a pool in the same way as he could. What’s that? He’s only based 2 miles away and he fits pools for a living? Let me give him a call…”

The rest is inevitable. You can do your job better than most people who need your services and just by seeing your expertise, they may realise that the job is out of their remit and it would be better to outsource it and how better to outsource it to than the website who just created a highly useful and informative blog post on that subject? 

Use your posts as an opportunity to show off your skillset. Of course, there will be some cowboys who try to do their books themselves based on what you told them and you should wish them the best while being glad that your information helped someone. But it may not work out for that cowboy and then they may come back to you.

If you have read this post and thought writing a blog is too much hassle and you’d like to outsource it, please book a FREE consultation call here with Accountac and we can see how your blog posts can get you to work with your ideal clients.

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