Social Media Management

At Accountac, we design informative and engaging content for your business to build long lasting relationships with your clients

Our Social Media Management

Here's what social media management will do for YOU.

Unique Content

Each of our social media posts or blog posts will be custom made for your business and your business only. You will not find us re-using content with other clients.

Rank higher on Google

Not only will these posts and blogs help with engagement with your brand, through the use of industry-specific keywords and search engine optimisation, it will also help your business rank higher on Google.

Generate More Leads

While the main aim of creating online content is to build long lasting relationships with customers. Will will encourage you audience to become leads with clear calls to action and specific detail of what services you provide.

Beat the competition

We will study your competitors to see what they are doing and review how we can improve upon them in order to become dominant in the market you’re in .

Client Accessibility

While it can be tempting to use all your accounting jargon on your own website, it’s crucial to understand that client’s may be intimidated by this and run away when they hear EBITDA. We make content that is easy for your clients to understand, while using our accounting knowledge to still get your points across.

Easy to use

If you want to change anything, we’ll also give you a training session so you can have full access and control of your accounts and can manage it by yourself in the future if you choose to do so.

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What can social media do for you?​

At Accountac, our social media marketing experts live and breathe social media and your accountancy firm can benefit through keeping your accounts updated through sharing exciting content and creating useful and engaging blog posts. Your clients and followers will keep coming back!

Social media doesn’t just focus on selling your service to potential clients, it’s about creating a relationship with your clients which, over the long-term, is a much more profitable approach.

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Traffic. Brand awareness. Interest. Generate all of these quickly

By letting the professionals at Accountac manage your social media accounts, you are expanding the reach of your online presence to infinite potential clients over the internet, you engage with your followers on a much deeper level and you will strengthen the tie you already had with your existing client base.

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Visual Optimisation

All of our social media posts on behalf of our clients are branded in a way which is consistent with the company’s website to ensure cohesion between all of the platforms your clients will engage with you. 

If you have images from your business you would like us to use, we are more than happy to use them, but we also provide stunning, high-quality images which will give your brand a professional look.

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How do we make it work?​

We work alongside you to find out your goals, ambitions and issues you’re facing as well as the goals, ambitions and issues of your ideal client. Then we will uploaded consistent content which is best suited to your ideal client’s needs, both in terms of the content itself and how they consume the content.

We aim to create content which is both informative and engaging, all while sticking to the brand of your company.

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